Huge Requirement posted on 25-03-2014

Urgent Requirement:

A customer Need flower plants (climbers) for 2 acars.
Please contact us for customer details.

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If you are interested to supply call us for Customer details at 9912752515.

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Customer Name: Kxxxxxxxxn
Company Name: xxxxx xxxxxxx International
Email Address:
Phone/Mobile: 9xxxxxxx1

Dear Sir
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx landscape company need all types of plants from
Fruit plants ornamental plants for my projects wish to develop long term
business contact with Kadiyapulanka nurseries. Here i put some of fruit
plants i need. for one project. Please reply with price quotation for
different varieties at different heights for the below fruit species in
fact all fruit species you have and also ornamental palnts.

1 Mango Different varieties
2 Sapota Different varieties
3 Guava Mixed Varieties
4 Litchi
5 Avacado
6 Bread Fruit Karipala
7 Jack Fruit Mixed Varieties
8 Lime
9 Lemon
10 Sathugudi
11 Papaya seeds
12 Banana Mixed Varieties
13 Annona attimoya Bulls heart
14 Sitapal
15 Pomegranate
16 Grapes Mixed Varieties
17 Nutmeg
18 Mangosteen
19 Amla
20 Pepper
21 Date Palm
22 Passion Fruit
23 Clove
24 Cinnamon tree
25 Jamun
26 Tamarind
27 Fig
28 Wood Apple
29 Agle Mermolas Vilvam
30 Carambola
31 Rose Apple
32 Longan
33 Rambutan
34 Star Gooseberry
35 Loquat
36 Grape Fruit
37 Citrus Medica
38 Citrus Aurantium
39 Pomelo Citrus Maxima
40 Morus Nigra
41 Ber
42 West Indian Cherry
43 Miscellaneous Fruits Ornamental Plants Palms Trees Shrubs Creepers

Thanks and Regards