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Customer Name Company Name Email Address Phone/Mobile Requirement
Umakant Gund Shri Venkatesh Ventuer 9923404771 we required Boganvella plants for road median development
required quantity 13000, location Solapur, Maharashtra
ajay individual buyer 9869400200 Do you have Lantana plants?If so which colours and its cost?
Surya 9866433999 We are looking for stage decorator for wedding at eluru
MAZHAR PASHA MD mazhar 9704621437 i need red chitrak plant (erra chitra molam)
plz contact 9704621437
chaitanya 9966633623  i need 500 alla neredu and 1500 anjur (fig) trees request the price coat . i need hybrid jamun in grafted varieties
Ramaraju 9490885501 I am looking for below fruit plants with minimum 3 years age:
1) Guava – 50 plants
2) Lime – 50 plants
3) Sapota – 50 plants
Y V Krishna Reddy 8978157071 I need Appleber plants, are those available there.
Rao plants n planters 9177611700 we require lotus and water lillies in double shades and exotic varieties
please mail with pictures
delivery Hyderabad
Mohan Krishna G Individual 9652563029 I am looking for the following Hybrid Varieties of Coconut (80 Plants):
Naveen S V Coir Exports 9849372243 We introduce ourselves as Cocopeat/Coir Pith Manufacturers. We manufacture our product in the form of Loose and brick form. We have sterile and Non-sterile qualities. Please feel free to contact us @ 09849372243
Santosh burman 984532678 I need grafted plants for AVOCADO.
Karthikeyan Royal Gardens International 9791795331 Karthikeyan project manager royal gardens international landscape company need all types of plants from Fruit plants ornamental plants for my projects wish to develop long term business contact with Kadiyapulanka nurseries. Here i put some of fruit plants i need. for one project. Please reply with price quotation for different varieties at different heights for the below fruit species in fact all fruit species you have and also ornamental palnts.
Fruit Plants
1 Mango Different varieties 30
2 Sapota Different varieties 10
3 Guava Mixed Varieties 20
4 Litchi 5
5 Avacado 5
6 Bread Fruit Karipala 2
7 Jack Fruit Mixed Varieties 10
8 Lime 5
9 Lemon 5
10 Sathugudi 10
11 Papaya seeds
12 Banana Mixed Varieties 10
13 Annona attimoya Bulls heart 4
14 Sitapal 10
15 Pomegranate 10
16 Grapes Mixed Varieties 20
17 Nutmeg 10
18 Mangosteen 10
19 Amla 4
20 Pepper 10
21 Date Palm
22 Passion Fruit 10
23 Clove 4
24 Cinnamon tree 4
25 Jamun 2
26 Tamarind 2
27 Fig 4
28 Wood Apple 4
29 Agle Mermolas Vilvam 2
30 Carambola 4
31 Rose Apple 4
32 Longan 4
33 Rambutan 4
34 Star Gooseberry 4
35 Loquat 4
36 Grape Fruit 6
37 Citrus Medica 6
38 Citrus Aurantium 4
39 Pomelo Citrus Maxima 6
40 Morus Nigra 4
41 Ber
42 West Indian Cherry
43 Miscellaneous Fruits
Ornamental Plants
Name Company Name Email Address Phone Number Message
Kenneth Golconda Farmer 7396956655     7288894618 Please sent the quotations for the following plants very urgent including transport to Dondlapally Village, Rajapur Mandal, Manabubnagar District, Telangana State
1. Coconut Drawf hybrids (Short Type and very high yielding) in different packages     Nos: 35 to 50
2. Mangoes different hybrids  in different packages                                                     Nos: 2
3. Guava different high yielding hybrids  in different packages                                     Nos: 2
4. Jackfruit different high yielding hybrids  in different packages                                  Nos: 2
5. Sapota Cricket ball                                                                                                 Nos: 25. Custard apple different high yielding hybrids  in different packages                          Nos: 26. Orange different high yielding hybrids  in different packages                                    Nos: 27. Sweet lime different high yielding hybrids  in different packages                              Nos: 28. Lemon (Acid lime) Bigger fruit than Balaji Variety and Sour.                                    Nos: 29. Cashewnut different high yielding hybrids  in different packages                              Nos: 2
intimate on 7296956655/7288894618
Dn chaturya home purpose 7396827105 i want plants for home you have any delers in tenali. in guntuir dist.
ch nagesh formar 9676910447 i want chamanthi flower plant required for 2 acars mahabubnagar me wholesale prices or each plant prices.
Yogesh Sharma Prime Expat Infra 7358723437 Sir,
We would like to introduce ourselves as mumbai based developer coming with
a residential township of 2000 flats in the area of 22 Acres. We requires Plants for landscape of the same.Please,find attached herewith list of plants suggested by our consultant.Kindly quote for  the same.FOR Chennai.
subashini Ramaswamy Personal 9844166951 I am looking for these trees for my terrace garden in bangalore. Elaichi orange, elaichi banana papaya red, lime, lemon, lavender, fig, mango hybrid, parijata and some more floral variety.
Please confirm your availability.
K Dushyanth Municipality, Kalyandurg 9581441433 Gentleman,
It is to inform that, construction of new parks were taken up in the Kalyandurgam Municipality. The inauguration of parks date is very soon. The nature of soils is red gravel. We are planning to lay the carpet grass and Ficus Benjamina 6 feet height and any other suitable plants. Hence, I request you to quote your competitive rate including transportation to the Kalyandurgam Municipality for preparation estimate. Mobile No:9581441433
For Commissioner, Kalyandurg Municipality.
bhaskar reddy farmer 9440689441   I want a jack druit plants and jujubee for 15 acres kindly how many plants require for one acre of land and cost with transport with good varity plants
srinu vasu ayur medical dr 9703345388 sir,

iam a ayurvedic medical dr.i need CITRUS MEDICA,SARPAKSHI(SARPAGANDHA)PLANTS,SORA(ANAPA).if u have these plants available in u r nurseries,please kindly reply e mail 2 my id.waiting 4 u r replay.

krishna rao janathaprinters 9440265051 need detatils regarding teak plant
Karthikeyan Royal Gardens International 9791795331, 9047443633 I am Karthikeyan project manager with royal gardens international, wish to develop business contacts with this web and nurseries in Kadiyapulanka for sourcing all plants fruits ornamental etc for my projects in south india. Wish to get reply from you, looking forward the reply Thanks and Regards